One Piece Episode 788 English Subbed

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Watch One Piece Episode 788 Subbed

Watch One Piece Episode 788 shows:
Additional scenes of Germa 66 fighting the war on Broc Coli Island.
Brook assuring Luffy that there is no need to rush to Whole Cake Island.
Moscato helping the citizens of Sweet City evacuate during Big Mom’s rampage.
Luffy does not make a comment on Pudding’s map like he did in the manga.
The scene where Nami asks Pedro about his knowledge of Totto Land is extended with Nami also mentioning about him knowing someone back at Chacolot Town.
In the manga, the Sanji Retrieval Team was only shown encountering one giant sea centipede. In the anime, they encountered two with the second one being larger than the first.
Before the first one revealed itself, it shook the Thousand Sunny first.
Unlike in the manga, Pedro explains some information about the sea centipedes.
Luffy defeats both centipedes by himself.
In the manga, Big Mom was only shown throwing Prometheus aside during her rampage in Sweet City. In the anime, she throws both Prometheus and Zeus.
one piece episode 788

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