One Piece Episode 789 English Subbed

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One Piece Episode 789

Watch OP Episode 789 Subbed Online In English

Big Mom’s rampage in Sweet City is extended.
Tamago’s associate contacts the chefs a second time.
Moscato saves a little girl from being trampled on.
Before trying to stop Big Mom, Moscato contacts Tamago about how long it will take to finish the sweets Big Mom desires.
The anime shows Tamago’s reaction after hearing about Moscato’s death.
As Jinbe is delivering the sweets Big Mom wants, Big Mom tries to punch Jinbe.
The anime adds the following:
After Big Mom’s tantrum is over, Tamago contacts someone to summon all the ministers to restore the capital as quickly as possible.
While talking to Jinbe, Big Mom looks around Sweet City and is oblivious to what caused all the damage.
The Sanji Retrieval Team sailing through the Mixed Juice Current and encountering a creature known as Fruit Footballfish.
As he follows Big Mom back to her castle, Jinbe has flashbacks of his time with Luffy from their first encounter at Impel Down to the promise he made at Fishman Island.

one piece episode 789

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