One Piece Episode 792 English Subbed

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Sanji walks down the halls of the palace and passes a spot in the wall with a dent in it. He recalls a time when he suffered severe bullying from his three brothers and was kicked into the wall causing the dent as he becomes angered at the thought of it. Yonji appears asking Sanji if he’s being nostalgic before expressing surprise at the fact the “weak” Sanji is still alive and now a pirate. Yonji tells Sanji to say something as the latter tells his younger brother to go away. Sanji retorts he has cut ties with his family and has nothing to say to them as the angered Yonji tells Sanji he heard about Sanji’s refusal to marry Pudding and demands for Sanji to abide their family’s orders calling him a good for nothing. In response, Sanji repeats his demand for Yonji to go away as the latter angrily dares him to make him before attacking but Sanji evades the attack. Yonji uses his technology to attack as Sanji activates his Black Leg Style/Diable Jambe to clash with his brother surprising the latter.

one piece episode 792

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